Well bugger me sideways.  I forgot I had this section.  Guess I am not really a talker, or writer for that matter.  Six years since the last post  Must me some form of achievement.  Well done, you have unlocked the "Neglectful" achievement.  Anyways.  Am rambling.  Something about listening to happy hardcore which has a positive effect on one's mood.  Check the Facebook group as per usual for the latest gossip, and release info and of course - feedback.  Ta ta



Half way thru the next year already and this entry happened to be on my birthday.  Blogging mainly on the Facebook Group if at all for new releases and whatnot else.  Feeling mucho anciento already.  Keep safe and enjoy the mixes.



Almost new year now - at least that's what the date above says.  Keep forgetting to blog around here because I do it all on the facebook group.  New year will start with the release of the Corrector Brutal Triple Pack - 3 small mixes of Hardcore / Drum'n'Bass  /Japanese Speedcore. :P yeah - some of the lesser used genres in my arsenal but nonetheless all good :P  Have a good new year if I don't post anything before and bang it out with some quality music!!!


Wow it's been a while since I wrote here.  Guess it kinda got forgotten with all the new releases and general madness in my life.  Lots of things have happened lately some good some bad some ugly... the usual stuff - I probably shouldn't blog while I'm feeling down.  Doesn't make for good reading.  Tho if you like drum'n'bass - here's a track you have to check out... Chase and Status - Pieces.  My favourite track since it sums up some of my feelings.  Someone slap me before I write more crap :D Peace


Well not written much here lately - just been working, sleeping, working some more - oh and eating :P noms.. anyhow.  Been still gathering stuff - there WILL be a new hard trance mix soon-ish  I got the stuff, it's in order, now I just have to find the time to mix it all together.  Also a big up to Beni K for chucking some sweet links o J-Core my way.  Now I got around 5GB of J-Core amongst other things to sift thru - total like 800 tracks in my downloads folder which I gotta listen to.  Once more - wish there was like 30 hours in the average day, would get so much more done.  But yeah - still alive - still breathing - and still mixing.  Cheerio



Back in the country now and made a house mix n my day off before working 5 nights straight.  The mix took me the best part of the day due to some... interesting distractions.  But yeah - it's the new House Experiment 8 that I'm talking about.  23 Tracks of commercial house goodness with some bad ass bass lines :P Should be up some time Friday/Saturday time permitting.  Also if you're interested in more frequent updates to the on goings - there is a Facebook Group on the subject - feel free to chat about anything there.  Peace :D



Added the cue files to Corrector mixes 16 and 17 as requested by a couple of people.  Should all be ok and up to date again... Is about all I can manage to make myself do today - it's so dull here in the UK.  Sad sad... Anyways - see u guys around :D



Yo - been having some finger trouble since I burnt 2 of them real bad and shaved the skin off another one.. so been not very flexible with the mixing.  Though what I can tell you is - there will be a new Corrector Hardcore mix released either Sunday or Monday.  Got an influx of hardcore which I had to utilise :P Also more hard trance coming up within the week or so.  New releases are quite nice.  What else.. ah yes - The J-Core update.  Thanks guys for mailing in links to J-Core.  Love you! :)  I now have enough to I'll put that into the mixing queue to be done - hopefully within this month...  Cheers again and spread the word about the music... the site and keep the electronic scene buzzing. 
Till next time...




Well - been over 10 days now,  finally had some inspiration mainly thanks to one of my work colleagues and I actually made a new mix - is Hard Trance too :P imagine that

But yeah -it's a whole new series of AC Seven mixes which will be called Evolution.  The first Version will be out some time in the next 2-3 days.  Also, made a facebook group called AC Seven <clikie link>.  If you're interested - will try to keep it updated a little more than the blog here.  :P See u on the flipside


*Big yawn* It's about 10 to 12 mid day - What a long sleep.  My J-Core collecting is yielding some rather good results.  After some real extensive searches with some stupidly detailed search strings I found Great Nano Desu and Psy-Phone came down last nite via a torrent download.  I'm happy now... Am now resting on 15 Mixable J-Core tunes :P is good.  Not long now :D


Look - blog page.  Here today on a rather... cloudy Friday afternoon.  Thought to myself, most of you guys have no idea what I am doing besides the occasional mix every now and then so I made this page which will hopefully give u some insight on what happens.


The last week or so I stumbled onto something called J-Core - Japanese Hardcore.  And I quite like it - it's a variation of the normal UK happy hardcore but more happy, bouncy and at times, chipmunky :P very anime orientated too.  Been doing some extensive searching and downloading of stuff so I think, there will be a little  J-Core edition of the Corrector at some point soon.  If you are also into that or know where I could find good J-Core... please let me know - Contact > E-mail.

At the moment I am after these tracks...


Psy-Phone (Realice Remix)

Great Nano Desu (Redalice Remix)

M-project- Kidz War (JAKAZiD Remix)

Also on a different note - got enough music for a Hard Trance Mix too at some point in the near future when I can muster enough time and inspiration I will mix that.
On top of that - got some normal UK hardcore in the pipeline too very soon.  Keep Tuned