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    Centralized lubrication system for chassis:

    Is through the piping system to the vehicle on the distribution of dozens of grease lubrication points and centralized lubrication system for the fat cell into a complete closed system, through the control unit control system work cycle and testing operation, in order to realize in the process of vehicle running time, quantitative, trace, high frequency, intermittent to all lubricating points continuous oil supply, ensure that all lubricating points good lubrication.
    Main components and functions of KS203 vehicle centralized lubrication system:
    Centralized lubrication system is mainly composed of control unit and grease supply unit and system accessories, control unit is mainly composed of monitors, oil pressure sensors and other components and intelligent control of the whole system through the line; Grease supply unit is mainly composed of grease supply pump station and oil distributor assembly, and through the pipeline system, tens of lubrication points distributed on the vehicle are connected into a complete closed system; The main functions of each component are as follows:
    ◆ Monitor -- microcomputer program monitoring and control device, is the control center of system operation, real-time monitoring and dynamic display of oil circuit oil
    Operating parameters such as pressure, rest countdown, operation timing, accumulative working times and failure code, and with overload protection and failure
    Alarm function. KS203 lubrication system equipped with KSC06 series monitor;
    Oil pressure sensor -- monitor the oil pressure of the main oil pipeline of the system, and transmit the signal to the monitor;
    Grease supply pump station is the core of the system, the grease in the oil tank is transmitted to the oil separator at high pressure;
    ◆ Oil separator -- according to the grease demand of different friction pairs, store a certain amount of grease and supply each lubrication point.