Date 02/12/16
Had to make one mix before the new year - House Experiment 26.  Only 60 minutes long but full of goodness - I got to 60 and what tracks I had left in the "to-mix" list were not really up to the standard of what I had already mixed so I just left it there :-). Also, I have very little time between life and job to actually make mixes so there won't really be many mixes in the near future I'm afraid.  I'll keep the site going as long as I make mixes however.  This is not a goodbye, it's just a see you not as often :o)  Thanks for all the support through the years for the people who have have enjoyed my work over the years,  you guys kept me going!  See you in a bit folks!


Date 16/06/16
I think this is the last one for a while :-) but it's a stomper. Due to there now being 39 Hardcore mixes - it called for the next Best of mix.  Best of Quattro is here!  Enjoy


Date 02/06/16
Like fitting a hippo into a wetsuit.  30 tracks in this next Hardcore Instalment! Yeaaaahhh!!


Date 01/06/16
Konichiwa and hello again!  Been many years since the last one of these mixes and I'm very happy to present you with the third Turning JapaneseEnjoy and itadakimasu!

Date 27/05/16
Double Mix!!! House Experiment coming at you! The stuff may not be fully new but it's good and it needed to be mixed.  Backlog and stuff :-)



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