Date 16/06/16
I think this is the last one for a while :-) but it's a stomper. Due to there now being 39 Hardcore mixes - it called for the next Best of mix.  Best of Quattro is here!  Enjoy


Date 02/06/16
Like fitting a hippo into a wetsuit.  30 tracks in this next Hardcore Instalment! Yeaaaahhh!!


Date 01/06/16
Konichiwa and hello again!  Been many years since the last one of these mixes and I'm very happy to present you with the third Turning JapaneseEnjoy and itadakimasu!

Date 27/05/16
Double Mix!!! House Experiment coming at you! The stuff may not be fully new but it's good and it needed to be mixed.  Backlog and stuff :-)


Date 25/05/16
Mix! Chillout b
y nature, some people call it deep house, it's not really.  Just a chilled house mix :-)  Enjoy


Date 19/01/16
First Mix of the new year - Not a lot to say about this one - it's Hardcore, it's bangin', download it :)


Date 27/08/15
Lots of things happened over the summer.  Barely had time for relaxing let alone making mixes.  Here's a Hard Trance Mix for you folks however.  Enjoy

Date 05/06/15

These Hardcore mixes - they're like buses, none for ages and then two come at once.  Madness! Corrector 36 and 37 are out as of now.  Both good in their own right but 37 is my favourite due to so many happy happy joy joy tunes in it! 

Date 30/05/15
Had a bit more time on my hands - made a mix. Big Room this time.  Check it out!

Date 04/05/15
Little bit of time before the exams - first thing I could find was Drum'n'Bass so here's a mix of it :-)  Will make more once the exams are done! Ta Ta

Date 25/01/15
First mix of the new year and it's a brutal one - it should carry a warning label to be honest.  It's sinister, dirty, evil at points and just downright bad ass.  If you like the genre that is.  Fusion of Moombahton and dubstep, MoombahCore is something different entirely.  Check it out anyway - broaden your musical horizons.  No you will not get 80 minutes of your life back if you don't like it! ;)


Date 30/12/14
Last time you hear from me before the new year - So here's a batch update - made these three mixes yesterday.  Hopefully something for everyone - House ExperimentElectro House and Hardstyle.  Have a good new year everyone!!!


Date 16/11/14
Had time - made mix :-) No long intros, here's the full sized Big Room Mix that you lot have been waiting for. 

Date 30/09/14

This one may not be everyone's cup of tea but I know at least one of you (*cough* Notty *cough*) will like it :-)  It's the new Corrector Does Hardcore - 35. Although not a normal Hardcore mix - this one is harder, darker, not happy and generally pretty rough and rude at points.  Ta Ta


Date 15/09/14

Was going through my mixing list and found that I have an abundance of house but not all in one sub-genre.  So as decisions go, this was an easy one and the 128bpm Showcase mix was born containing 8 sub-genres of house.  Fun stuff - check it out!


Date 11/09/14

Right, been a little busy over the last month hence no mixes but here's the new House Experiment 23 to make up for that.  :)

Date 12/08/14

We need more hardcore Smithers! Yes Sir! But not everyone loves Hardcore as much as you Sir.  Oh hopscotch! They love it - they just don't know it yet.  Right - more hardcore it is Sir. Excellent!
Version 34 is out now :)


Date 06/08/14

More Hardcore :) For all the new people visiting - the buttons on the top of the page is how one navigates the site. Ta Ta


Date 05/08/14

I seem to have this weird thing with UK/Happy Hardcore lately - I either have not very much or absolutely truckloads.  The latter is the case and here is the first one of the new series of The Corrector Does Hardcore.  This one is Version 32.  Enjoy

Date 23/07/14

Took a few hours but here's the accompanying video mix for the Big Room Minimix on Vimeo.  Youtube once again is being a little too overprotective.  Never mind.  The video is also available to download from the server by right clicking here and choosing save as :o)
Let me know what you think of it! Cheers

Date 22/07/14

Here's another genre which has found its way into the mainstream music lately.  Despite it being shoved into the Electro House genre - it's not really all that black and white.  It's named Big Room or Drop House and here's a minimix I made earlier today.  Working on a video too - time permitting.  The genre itself can not really be properly listened to without a nice bass heavy system - it would be quite boring without the heavy drops through a subwoofer.  Let me know what you think on Facebook Group or e-mail.  You can also try telepathy but I am still working on that ;o)

Date 21/07/14

Well the Facebook group has voted and here is the resulting Electro House Mix - Double CD as with every even numbered Electro Mix - one lighter, one darker.  Enjoy the mixes!


Date 24/06/14

Here's something that's been overdue for a while - many people have asked when the next one of these would be and I am happy to present in the style of the old Yearmixes, the Evolution Mashmix 2014.  Containing tracks from the Hard Trance and Hands Up Evolutions from 1 to 22.  Full of high energy beats it will keep you bouncing for the whole 80 minutes.  48 Tracks of awesomeness! Also big thanks to the people who donated!!! It helps so much keeping the site running!


Date 24/06/14

Been a month since the last mix but here's another House Experiment :)

Date 24/05/14

Little late this one since the hardcore mixes flipped into the third decade but here is the Third Best of The Corrector Mix.  Fun little mash mix - hour long, 36 tracks - energy from wall to wall.  Enjoy

Date 14/05/14

Exams done and more time for mixing - went a different route and decided to make a different type of mix.  Called it Showcase because it showcases the different types of genre within the same bpm bracket.  This one is in the 170bpm bracket - it shows the different types of Drum 'n' Bass before ending up in Drumstep which is also a D'n'B evolution.  About 60 minutes long - 4 different subgenres.  Hope you enjoy - feedback always welcome. 

Date 26/04/14

Random Dubstep Mix for you.  Felt like it needed to be mixed :-) Check out the last track's video in the track's link in the listing.

Date 18/04/14

Well I have ran out of Hardcore now.  So this is the last mix in that genre for a while.  Hope the mixes keep the keen UK Hardcore listeners happy.  This is probably the last mix for a while since I got exams coming up and one needs to revise and stuff :-) So yeah, enjoy the new Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 31. Ta ta


Date 15/04/14

C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!  Yes indeed, this mix here is not Hardcore.  It's actually a rather odd mix.  Could not categorise it into a single genre so I named it after the guy who provided the majority of the tracks.  It starts off somewhere near Hard House, fades in and out of Hard Dance with something Techno-esque in the mash and then ends up in Hardstyle (as if you didn't see that coming).  Cheers to Michael "Monster" Nott for the choonage and hope you guys all enjoy the new Evolution Volume 23 (Monster Mix).

Date 14/04/14

ULTRA COMBO!!! New Corrector Does Hardcore - XXX or Version 30 if you like.  Just seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up to make a Hardcore mix with roman numerals at this point :-)  Not done yet either....

Date 13/04/14

Day three. The combo continues.  Corrector Does Hardcore Version 29. Not done yet...

Date 12/04/14

Day two of Hardcore madness.  Corrector Does Hardcore Version 28. Still not finished...

Date 11/04/14

First thing's first - please spread the word about the site.  It's lots of free EDM mixes right here for people to download.  Circulate the word.  I'm sure there's a genre for everyone here.  Onto business then. I took an evening to download lots of UK Hardcore tunes a couple of days ago and yeah.  Got quite a few.. so here's Corrector Does Hardcore Version 27.  But,.... I am not finished yet...

Date 04/04/14

Since the majority of votes cast were opposing the cue files I will no longer make them.  However, if anyone wants to split mixes and send me the cue files I will upload them (and credit them to that person ;).  Now, the Facebook group has been voting on the new genre of mix that would be mixed.  Resoundingly, it was Vocal/Anthem Trance - you weird lot.  But sadly it will be the last Trance mix.  Stopped collecting it now so no future trance mixes will be made, although Hard Trance will still be going.  And to contrast the sad news with more good news.  Well if you thought only the top ranking mix would be made, you would be wrong.  TWO mixes back to back... the top two at the time of me checking the poll were made over the last 24 hours.  So here are Evolution 22 (Trance) and House Experiment 21 for you to enjoy :) Also the donate button is back. 


Date 28/02/14

Been so long since I did one of these that I forgot how insanely happy and cheesy the genre is :P  Had enough tracks so I made... a Hands Up Trance mix.  Enjoy


Date 19/02/14

Weird release this one.  Am digging deeper into stuff that is non-commercial and finding some pretty cool stuff.  Albeit darker, this style is rather nice to listen to when you want big drops. It's a crossover between Moombahton (reggaeton offshoot style) and Dubstep.  At 110 bpm it still packs a punch.  Moombahcore is the name and having collected enough of it over the last couple of days, a mix was born.  Only a small one but it gives you a good idea of what the style is about.  Got so carried away I uploaded it everywhere (soundcloud/youtube/vimeo) except for the site :-S  But hey, it's available now.. Any feedback mucho welcome.  Cheers!


Date 16/02/14

Happy sunday :P or something. No long intros - just an Electro Swing mix - enjoy!


Date 02/02/14

First mix of the year and it's a BEAST!  It's the Kraken of all music, the proverbial C'thulu, it's the... oh well you get the point.  It's immense :-) All that providing you like... DRUMSTEP!  Ah yes! Am SO hyped about this mix! It even has some half-step tracks.  Drum and bass speed, only half the beats but all the bass!

Date 24/12/13

Mayhaps the last mix of the year.  Looking at the track list one would think, "Wow, AC's gone all cheesy on this one - proper stilton", but despite the very commercial, and at points even classic, content this mix is awesome throughout.  It is imbued with sexy chainsaw basslines and smooth beats.  Can't wait to blast this in my car.  As I write this, the mix is only 3 hours old.  Enjoy this Electro House Release. Merry Christmas Everyone!


Date 17/12/13

So, the first term of Uni is over.  Hard work and still so much work to do over Christmas.  But hey, here's a House mix for you - 29 tracks :P


Date 09/10/13

Suddenly, a wild Drum'n'bass Mix appears.  Drum'n'Bass Mix performs wicked tunes on listeners.  It is very effective! :-)

Date 25/09/13

Uni has started again so I won't have as much time to mix but here's the latest Evo before I get very busy again.  Hard Trance by genre and 29 tracks seems to be the new trend :)  It's not planned, honestly.  It's just the way the mix flows and it ends up at 29 tracks!  Enjoy!


Date 23/08/13

Some Hardcore for you :-)

Date 12/08/13

If you have been following the Facebook group's on-goings you may already be aware of this mix and the little hype :-) Electro Swing is the latest addition to my list of genres.  This mix is my newest experiment and also my first ever proper attempt into video editing.  That's right - there is a video mix of this available to download here (since youtube was being a little bitch and listed everything as copyrighted). Check out and feedback as per usual is more than welcome, E-mail or facebook.  Cheers!


Date 21/07/13

Another House Experiment, another 29 tracks of quality stuff!  :)

Date 12/07/13

New Evolution - as some have already guessed; it's Hardstyle.  Big beats, some commercial stuff remixed-  it's good.  Enjoy


Date 11/07/13

Just a quick update to say I have included the track lists of the previous mixes in the archives page.  It's just a massive text file containing all of the lists for the mixes that I have made.  If the listing does not exist in that text file, I don't have it. Few people have been asking for the lists so I took the time to compile a list.  Would take WAY too long to make every mix its own page so this is the simple version - just search inside the text file for what you need :)  Cheers


Date 04/07/13

Two new mixes, both trance - Evolution 17, Anthem Trance - perhaps the last of the anthem Trance style.  For some reason the style no longer grabs me - I almost didn't make that mix when the program crashed on me half way through the mix and I lost 40mins of it but still saw it through.  I get bored too easily with Anthem now.  Also the fact the tracks are NOT croppable, 8 minutes and no way to make it smaller. Pfft

And the other mix - Evolution 18 - Hard Trance.  Don't worry, that one is safe.  Will still be making hard trance stuff as it comes my way.  High energy stuff in this mix, most of which you will be familiar with so let the bounce along commence.

Till next time!

Date 20/06/13

New stuff! Yes indeed.  House Experiment 18.  No long talks - had too much sun, rare occasion in the UK :)


Date 01/06/13

New Dubstep! Yes yes indeed and it's a big one, T-T-T-TRIPLE PACK!!! All CDs within the dubstep genre but very different from each other. 
CD 1 - Commercial Dubstep: Light hearted, some heavy undertones but generally nice vocal stuff in this one.  Usually found in clubs and pubs and sometimes even prime time television adverts.
CD - 2  - Filthy Dubstep: Dirty stuff! Don't let the intro and the mellow breaks fool you - this is nasty, like cleaning a student bar toilet with a toothbrush nasty.  It's the sort of stuff that Mike would listen to ;-)

CD 3 - Chillstep: This one is mellow, very mellow.  It's almost not dubstep.  It's the sort of stuff that will lower your heart rate and make you dream that you are in your happy place sipping a cocktail.


So yeah - all in all, enjoy this release!


Date 18/04/13

April's been a little busy hence no real releases. End of the academic year and lots of revising/coursework/exams to do.  Had some spare time to pump out this double CD Electro House consisting of a light side and a dark side.  Good stuff, can't wait to play this in my car! Enjoy

Date 24/03/13

Churning out the mixes this March.  No long intros needed - go get the newest Drum'n'Bass Mix ! :)

Date 19/03/13
Pure Madness.  Mixes everywhere :) The Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 25, out now! Go download and bounce along to the cheesefest! FALCON PUNCH!!!

Date 10/03/13

Well, this mix is not even 24 hours old - in fact I made it earlier today - about 4pm :)  Been listening to it on repeat ever since and maybe it's just me but it's GOOD! It's the new  Electro House! Enjoy


Date 03/03/13

Oh hello.  Been a few months since a release of a House mix - so thought it was a little overdue.  Here's House Experiment 17 to make up for it.  Enjoy

Date 12/01/13

First post of the new year and it's a double shot both into the past and the future.  Trance has morphed a lot over the past 10-15 years and not very much of it is still its old roots so I decided to make a mix/set of the best trance (both harder and vocal) that's been and gone.  Most of the tracks are originals before they got the vocal overhaul years later so if you think you have heard it before but it sounds like the instrumental, think again :-) - Named the mix a very lengthy They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore which I found to be the most accurate description.  Now for the second mix - something experimental for me again.  Drumstep - the fusion of Drum'n'bass and Dubstep.  Speed of Drum'n'bass with a distinct Dubstep feel and sound.  Have a check if you like either of the genres.  It's not smoothed and ironed like the other types of music I mix due to the tracks not being overly mixable so you will find some cuts and chops but should be good nonetheless.  The subwoofer in my car likes this mix :) 

Date 19/12/12

Probably the last update of this year (or the end of the world if you believe in that).  Now, I have not mixed this genre for ages due to not finding any around.  In fact the last of the mixes of that type doesn't even have a date on it that's how long it's been  The file creation date reckons it's some time in 2007.  5 Years - wow.  A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto a large collection of this type of music and hey presto - a double CD pack of it - what is it? Well it's of course Donk! (or scouse house if you prefer).  Donking with a Vengeance is out now - go download!

Date 23/11/12

O Hai! Well the uni is keeping me busy hence the lack of mixes - Although over the last week or two I have managed to put together a double Electro Combo - Soft and Hard side of course for each taste :-) Cheers!

Date 07/10/12

Well, moved into the new house and things are settling down now.  University is busy mind you so not sure how many mixes I can pump out.  Connection is good however hence the three mixes update.  Asked in the facebook group and House Experiment was a recurring request.  So hey, here's two of them - 15 and 16.  And some drum'n'bass on top of that :) Enjoy

Date 11/08/12

Would you look at that, more mixes.  You lot should feel privileged or something hehe.  And it's a double whammy of music. First off we have the new Evolution - Volume 16 (Hard Trance) - good stuff. And then, been about a year since the last one (mainly due to the lack of music).  It's of course... HARDCORE!!!! Woop :P Version 24 to be exact.  Love the stuff.  As always - feedback welcome :)

Date 12/07/12

Well hello again :) Got some more goodies for you folks.  This time a little harder.  Couldn't really figure out what to call it since the genre is a little bit of a grey area for me.  It's bordering techno, possibly hard dance but not quite hardstyle - see what you make of it. I don't know, so I went for the generic name of Progressive and here it is - the AC Seven Evolution 15 - Progressive mix (Made it a link this time due to someone not finding the Mixes link on the top of the page - Yes I saw the post hehe ;-)  Also - here's the Evo 14 link too.  Just in case.  The next mix may be a little while away due to holidays and stuff. Cheers! 

Date 11/07/12

Taken a little longer for the next release but it's worth it.  Been a while since a proper Vocal Trance mix - in fact, last one was the Evolution #2.  Well. :) Due to most of the tracks being massive 6+ minuters, the mix only has 17 tracks but they are all good.  More mixes coming in the not too distant future.


Date 26/04/12

As promised in the FaceBook group and on here - the new mix is out :) AC Seven - Electro House 3 is the name and it's a very varied mix - some soft stuff but quickly compensated for by some heavy basslines - enjoy.

Date 12/04/12

Well - this year needs more mixes. :-) Looks like a fair few of you still use cue files.  Get MP3 players you numpties :-) Nah is all good guys (and girls), whatever works.  Will still keep making the .cues for you.  Anyhow - new mix!!! AC Seven House Experiment 14 is now available to download. Go grab it.  There will be an Electro House mix out soon as well.  Ta Ta.

Date 16/02/12

Just realised this is the first mix of the new year.  Odd.  Thought there was one before but hey, never mind.  Just trying something new with this one.  Been meaning to make one for ages but never had enough of the genre.  It's Dubstep I am talking about and you can download the mix HERE.  It's quite hard to mix due to it not having intro or outro space but did the best I could.  Also a poll about .cue files on the right >>>
Not used them for years since the MP3 players have taken over so wondering how many people still use them.  Till next time.

Date 20/12/11

And yes - time for another mix.  This time it's Hardstyle in nature.  So click here to download it!

Date 28/11/11

Ah yes - if you read the Facebook group at all - a little announcement would have warned you of this mix.  It's trance as it is meant to be.  It's stuff from 10 years ago!  Mixing together with DJ-D Project again we managed to put together this corker of a mix which you can download >>> HERE <<<  :o)

Date 26/10/11

Half term! Yay :P that usually means a little more time to do stuff and hey - a new mix :D House Experiment 13 was the result.  Compiled yesterday, it's my new favourite mix.  It's awesome from my point of view - been bouncing to it since yesterday.  Let me know what you think of it on the Facebook group or by e-mail. Enjoy


Date 09/09/11

Possibly the last update for a while - this mix had no warning since it was pretty much done earlier today.  You see - I am going back to college, and am not sure how much time I will have between stuff to mix again.  We shall see.  But yeah, managed to make this one - it's the new Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 23.  Take care all - I'll be around!

Date 25/07/11

Hai, yes I'm still alive - little bit of a gap in the releases due to social life of sorts :) But anyhow - new Evolution is out - Download it here! Cheers

Date 10/05/11

New month new mix - this time some nice commercial house for you.  AC Seven - House Experiment 12 is now available to download - sorry it took so long, had to reinstall my cue sheet creation software. ta ta

Date 1/04/11

April already? Someone asked me a couple of days back when and what the next mix was gonna be - so my answer was, Electro House Double CD and end of the week.  Usually goes when I say it like that :P so here it is - AC Seven - Electro House 2 (Double CD).  First CD is more commercial - light hearted electro and CD 2 is darker, deeper, FILTHIER Electro house to vibrate your subwoofers :) enjoy

Date 21/02/11

Taken a while to release the first mix of 2011 due to some busy times over my side - but I'm sure lots of people were looking forward to one of these - especially Mr Pause himself - Michael.  Hope it doesn't disappoint.  The Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 22.  Out as of now :) Also the poll's "other" field has kept me entertained the past couple of months... Ones that stand out were ... "There is no objective meaning of life, there are only subjective meanings created by the mind" and "Too much kitty slows the beats down!"

Will pop up another poll when I can think of something interesting to inquire about :D But glad most of u reckon the meaning of life is to listen to music :D RIGHT ON! Keep it tuned.


Date 29/12/10

Righty - looks like this will be the last mix of 2010.  Sorry for the lack of releases - December has been rather manic.  But got enough time to pop one out before the new years.  Enjoy the new Evolution Volume 11 - Hard Trance. Toodles


Date 28/11/10

Back in the coldness of the UK - here's the old chill out mix re-uploaded upon the request of the last poll.  Will keep this Poll running for a little while longer but it seems like the next mix is a Hard Trance one.  Look out for that one in a week or 2.  Cheers


Date 20/11/10

Looks like the Spring Mix 1 2005 - Chill-out will be uploaded by popular demand.  Not just yet because I am off to Malta on holidays for a week - So when I get back it'll be up - also a new flashy poll to decide that to mix next - the genres which are available are the ones which I have enough music in to make a mix - If it is not listed then that means I only have a small number of tracks in that style of music.  Anyhow - see you on the flipside! :P


Date 30/10/10

Sorry about the lateness of this release.  Unforeseen circumstances made this sorta 2 days late but here we are now.  It's quite chilled and liquid in style and not commercial like the first one.  What am I talking about? Well it's the Drum'n'Bass Mayhem 2 (The Chill).  Enjoy

Date 21/09/10

Been listening to a lot of this stuff lately and I quite like the sound and feel of it .  So thought I'd get some names together and make a mix out of it :) and this is what came out -  AC Seven - Electro House Volume 1.  Give me some feedback on this one - the tastes are evolving.  Come to the dark side - we have cookies :D

Date 03/09/10

Took a little while to finalize but it's ready for mass consumption now - the new AC Seven Evolution 10 (Handz Up Trance).  Will keep u bouncing for hours.  Ta Ta


Date 14/08/10

I suppose some quick releases mean the next one's a little further away - weird how that works.  Been exactly a month since the last one... But finally had the time to make a Collaboration mix with another DJ.  Full of nice vocal and anthem trance - here's Ditachi Feat AC Seven - Back 2 Back Trance Mix.

Date 14/07/10

Well, That took a lot less time than I anticipated :P People who have already heard it have given it the thumbs up so I hope you lot enjoy it too.  It's the new AC Seven Evolution - Volume 9 (Hardstyle).  Peace

Date 10/07/10

Was gonna release this last nite but kinda got little too busy before going out but it's out now... The new House Experiment 11.  Little less commercial and more grimey with a few heavy basslines.  It's evolving :) Enjoy


Date 18/06/10

Right - I see quite a majority want Hardstyle.  Not a genre I'm overly fascinated with but I'll see what I can do about that.  Will collect some and mash them together at some point in the next month or 2.  For now - there's the Evolution Version 8 for your eargasms.  Lovely hands up hard trance stuff.  Also a new poll :D See ya on the flipside!


Date 28/05/10

Looks like so many of you want hard trance and vocal/commercial stuff but there's a problem there - I seem to have lost all my trance sources recently and not getting any new stuff thru at all :( which sucks quite badly.  If you know of any new releases that u want mixed send me the names or the place I can download the stuff from via e-mail:  :P Till now - there's a mix for the Hardcore crew out there. The Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 21. Enjoy


Date 16/05/10

Is all Mayhem today as I finally get around to making a fully fledged Drum 'n' Bass Mix.  Ever since I first started listening to pendulum stuff a couple of years back, I always wanted to make a mix myself.  This one's more of a mash to start with until I get really into it and I'm still not 100% sure if that's how it's "meant to be mixed" but this is my way of doing it :P Peace out -I'll go celebrate me birthday now...


Date 25/04/10

As promised - the Evolution Volume 7 is finally fully finished and ready to for consumption. Preferably in very loud quantities in crowded areas :D Bring it on!!!
Also - made a little mess up with the Corrector Mix - accidentally encoded it at 128kbit - very unlike me.  Thanks to Michael to spotting it and it's now re-uploaded in its 192kbit glory :D


Date 23/04/10

I say - has it already been a month since the last release? Well I'm awfully sorry about that folks.  Lets rectify that shall we .. ok British mode over... Konichiwa.  How do? :P  Been a little busy with, well.. living to set a few hours aside for a mix but now that I had a couple of days off in a row - I managed to put together not 1 but 2 mixes.  The one that I shall release today is the second mix in the J-Core series which has The Corrector Turning EVEN MORE Japanese.  The other mix which will be out in a couple of days will be the Evolution Volume 7 - Hard Trance and what a banging CD it is.  Loving every minute of its hard basslines in my car :D yum yum.  Anyhow.. Catch ya in a couple of days.


Date 22/03/10

Hum -  was gonna write something witty but my brain has shut down after the long day at work and the gym session after that.  In fact - this text took me 5 mins to write coz my fingers are also not responding so hey - will cut to the chase and introduce the new Corrector MiXX:P Ready to download now :P Pause....


Date 16/03/10

Not really much warning for this one's release so nobody really knew about what this one's about :P This is the 10th (yes another 10th) of the Harder Side of House Saga - the last one was AGES ago.  Also check my random blogging efforts on the Facebook Group for new and cool tracks and releases I have come across.  Till next release...


Date 10/03/10

Been a little while since the last release mainly because of my holiday abroad so I generally took it easy for a month :P But hey - I got good news for you all.  Instead of one mix - I got...  2 and a half? :P basically - it's the release of the new House Experiment 10 and a spontaneous mix with an old friend of mine.  Check it out - AC Seven Presents DJ D.Project! In the Mix 2K10.  Feedback Most welcome :D


Date 02/02/10

Ever since the last Best of Corrector there was speculation of a new one - and this time has now arrived.  Including tracks from the Corrector mixes from 11 thru to 19 and a little bit of the Japanese one - here's The Best of The Corrector - Part Deux.  31 Tracks - 60 mins :P all happy :D Enjoy


Date 17/01/10

Had a couple of days off between work and managed to crack out not one but TWO mixes.  Two very different styles too.  One's been coming for a long time but not had enough stuff for it until recently - it's the Evolution 5 - Chillout and one genre I just recently got into when I link surfed onto it on Youtube and I loved it.  Hence Evolution 6 - Hardstyle was born.  It's much harder than stuff I have mixed before of that speed so be vary of that :P As per usual - comments/feedback etc etc would be lovely on the Facebook Group.  Enjoy the releases :D


Date 01/01/10

Happy New Year to one and all.  Hope ya all had a good time :P I for one worked pretty much thru it.  Oh well - had to be done.  Here's the triple pack as promised.  Full of Evil goodness.  Enjoy


Date 26/12/09

Well - Merry belated Crimbo to you all.  Got 2 Mixes before the year ticks over - one is the Clubberry FM set that was played 19th of December and the other one is The Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 19.  There will also be NO Yearmix due to lack of music to mix into it.  Altho in the not so distant future there will be a Best of Corrector II and from what I can see from the listings ... another chillout mix :D Happy new year if I don't post before that and have a good one... Peace!


Date 19/12/09

Rather Busy this month - not had any time really to make any proper mixes besides one.  It was for a Russian radio station called  It's a one hour set of hard trance/hands up style which will be aired TODAY (Saturday) at 19:00 GMT.. 22:00 Moscow time.   Check it out! The set will also be available to download within a few days... Cheers!

Date 1/12/09

December already - humbug to all the commercial Christmas stuff going on :P  Had lots of people asking me to upload older mixes-  guys, I personally won't do any of that.  I do not have the upload capacity to take care of all that - there must be well over 10GB of mixes in my arsenal by now.  So please stop asking - thanks :P Thanx to someone at the facebook group tho - there are some rapidshare links up for some older stuff that has fallen off.  ;) Anyhow -  this post is about the new new House Mix :P So Go download.


Date 15/11/09

Was having a few problems with my FTP protocols and still not 100% running.  But managed to upload the newest mix and update the site - as you can see :) The new mix is full on anthem trance with not much vocal but should please the trance fans out there.  It's of course the new AC Seven Evolution - Volume 4.   I quite like it but hey, am biased :D Let me know what you think.. Cheers


Date 30/10/09

Sorry for the lack of mixes recently.  Too many things happening and was ill aswell on top of all of it.  But yeah - managed to make this beauty not that long ago :P  The Corrector does Hardcore - Version 18.  It's a stomper! Love it to bits - hope you will too.. See you on the flipside!


Date 07/10/09

New Month - new Evolution.  This one going back to the Hard Trance genre although it's quite commercial in the front end. Tell me what you think of it on the Facebook Group or E-mail.  Cheerio

Date 18/09/09

And as written in the Blog and the Facebook group, the new mix is finally there to download.  AC Seven - House Experiment 8 is what the talk is about and the people who were lucky enough to get the pre-release a day in advance already commend its quality. So go download :P

Date 03/09/09

Righto - a new Volume of Evolution's out :P no great intros, it doesn't need them :P  It's an Anthem Trance / Vocal Trance combo which starts off a little cheesy but soon works into the nice goodness of the anthem trance - am on holiday from tomorrow so you there won't be any mixes for at least 2 weeks I'm afraid.  But here's the one to keep u going... AC Seven Evolution - Volume 2 (Anthem/Vocal Trance).  Enjoy

Date: 26/08/09

Finally got enough tracks together and here's the result.  The Corrector - Turning Japanese.  The J-Core mix which has been talked about for a while.   Check the blog regularly - I update it more than the main page. Also the Facebook Group which has some friendly banter and/or new release info.  Also please spread the link around for the site - make it known that I'm back and mixing! :P


Date: 17/08/09

Ah yes, after a bit of link routing difficulties it's all working and you can download the 17th Version of The Corrector.  Also on the page I have played around with layouts and created what seems more like... an info page.  Every artist link is clickable which takes u to a little page about them - as much is known about that artist.  So yeah, check out the new Mix and any feedback is welcome :P  Cheerio


Date: 03/08/09
The Evolution has arrived - New series which will encompass multiple genres from Trance/ Vocal Trance / Anthem Trance to Hard Trance, maybe some Hardstyle / Techno or something along these lines :P we'll see what comes my way music wise.  Anyhow - AC Seven Evolution - Version 1 (Hard Trance) is now available to download :P

Date: 17/07/09
Added a blog page to the site - just really to give u an insight on what goes thru my head.  Gives indications on new releases and stuff I am working on at current.


Date: 01/07/09

Site seems to be working ok - feedback is most welcome too :P But here's a new release for the Hardcore crew out there.  The Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 16. Available to download right now! :D

Date: 23/06/09

Testing new design - see how it works and checking links..  If you find a broken one or one that will take u to somewhere unexpected - mail me :P this is still a trial version.  The Archives are still not up and running - it's a whole lot of pages to convert but the rest should be ok...

Looking also into a shoutbox addon to clip to the side for quick shouts - if you know a good lightweight one please contact me via e-mail. 

21-06-2009: NEW UPDATES - AC Seven - House Experiment 7

Would you imagine that.  Finally had enough music together to get one of those off the press, yes it's been years or months or years AND months.  It's quite commercial but it has some heavy basslined corkers in there too.  Enjoy


9-03-2009: NEW UPDATES - The Corrector Does Hardcore - 15th Installment

Yes - it's march :) Had a lil bit of time and thought i'd hit ya with a mix - already been tested by 2 of my closer friends and they love it so hey - enjoy :D


20-11-2008: NEW UPDATES - AC Seven - Trance 2008

No wall of text, no big explanation.  Just - a new mix :P


06-06-2008: NEW UPDATES - The Corrector Does Hardcore - Version 14 (Back to the Old Skool)

A mix in a different style of Hardcore...


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